Field Yield Master Class

Get the Most From Your Farm

With Powerful Soil Amendments

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When synthetic fertilizer became hard to get, many farmers shifted to soil amendments.


What amendments are best, though?

And what REALLY improves yield?


Everyone who works their land must answer these questions for themselves. But we can help.

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—  Make & apply your own handmade amendments

—  Best practices & expert advice on:

  • Soil Amendment Innovations

  • Biochar

    • Biochar Compost

    • Barns & Barnyards

    • Animal Feed

    • Stormwater Management

  • Manure & Mulch

  • Compost, Compost Tea & Inoculants

—  Handpicked, standout store-bought options

—  Co-developed with top farmers & other soil experts

—  First to know when new farming programs launch

—  First access to our certification process in Fall 2022

—  Easy/breezy: One module every Thursday for 8 weeks

—  Experience the short- & long-term benefits of soil superhealth