Biochar 101 Offer

Get the Biochar Information and How-To Steps You Need for Your Farm, Without Breaking the Bank

  • Materials to Make Farm Biochar

  • 12 Steps to Make Biochar

  • 5 Essentials of Biochar Production

  • How to Charge & Apply Biochar

  • 2 Ways to Apply Biochar in a Barn

  • How to Use Biochar in Your Barnyard

  • Why Add Biochar to Barns & Barnyards?

  • How to Create Biochar Compost

  • How to Run a Biochar Compost Experiment

  • How to Calculate Your C:N (Free Tool)

  • How to Test Your Compost

  • 6 Reasons to Add Biochar to Compost

  • Biochar's Properties & Impacts on C:N

  • Optimizing Plant Growth With Biochar

  • Adding Biochar to Animal Feed

  • How to Manage Stormwater With Biochar

  • Biochar Stormwater Application Benefits (Table)

  • 5 Stormwater Efforts Biochar Can Help

  • Why Biochar for Stormwater Control?

  • How to Choose Production Temperature & Feedstock

  • How Biochar Impacts Microbes, Soil Fertility & Plants

  • How Biochar Impacts Soil Hydraulic & Physical Traits

  • How Production Temperature Impacts Biochar

  • How Feedstock Impacts Biochar

  • Biochar Physical & Chemical Properties (Table)

  • How to Avoid Toxic Biochar

  • The Incredible Power of Biochar

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